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Clients with trauma-related dissociation can crush your confidence. You replay sessions in your mind...

What could I have said differently? What did I miss? How could I have connected more?

It's defeating. You can't get these clients to open up. And, when you do, it's like you're walking on eggshells... trying not to trigger angry defenses, trauma responses, or frighten your client back into the safety of dissociation.

But it's your mission to help your traumatized clients learn to cope with their pain, not disconnect.

The good news for you is experts Janina Fisher, Ruth Lanius & Kathy Steele have dedicated their careers to healing dissociation & trauma. You're going to learn straight-forward paths to resolving hard to recognize dissociative symptoms AND become a more advanced practitioner. Breakthrough your clients' trauma and dissociation with:

  • Specific methods for assessment with dissociated clients
  • Treatment techniques from CBT, EMDR, Polyvagal theory, IFS, and somatic approaches
  • The art of attuning with clients while maintaining therapeutic boundaries
  • Step-by-step processes that create and sustain an atmosphere of trust and safety
  • Detailed guidance on therapeutic interventions to calm and ground dissociative clients
  • Skills to help prevent and manage suicidal crises and more!

Get the highest caliber of training, put an end to second-guessing & walk away as a distinguished clinician with the confidence to treat all your clients!

REGISTER NOW and get two free bonuses! Frank Anderson's new book Transcending Trauma: Healing Complex PTSD with Internal Family Systems Therapy, PLUS, a training from Ruth Lanius exploring neuroscience and childhood attachment trauma.

Dissociation-Focused Trauma Treatment

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Join experts who have shaped the field of psychotherapy with their contributions to dissociation & trauma treatment:

  • Janina Fisher, one of the world's most preeminent experts on dissociation and trauma, is also the past president of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma & Dissociation and a bestselling author. She speaks internationally on the topic of healing dissociation & trauma.

  • Ruth Lanius is one of the most well-published authorities on the topic of dissociation and author of two celebrated books on dissociation & trauma treatment. Her 25 years of clinical experience will provide you with invaluable avenues for approaching clients.

  • Kathy Steele, co-author of one of the most important books on dissociation (Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation: A Practical, Integrative Approach), is a sought-after consultant, supervisor & international lecturer on dissociation treatment.
Listen to what your colleagues have to say about this incredible course…
"This training was very excellent! There was so much I did not know in relation to trauma and dissociative disorders that I learned today! What I learned will definitely enhance my trauma work skills!!!"
— Courtney J., LPC

"Loved the experimental practices."
— Kim S., Social Worker

"This training was extremely helpful. I went in knowing very little of DID and left with confidence the next time a DID client walks into my office."
— Breora P., Counselor

"This was extremely informative and insightful for my future practice."
— Julie P., Nursing Home Administrator
Dissociation-Focused Trauma Treatment:
IFS, Sensorimotor, CBT, EMDR, Polyvagal & More

$883.94 Value
$199.99 TODAY
Earn up to 16.75 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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Presented in EN, subtitles in EN and FR, handouts in EN and FR

Course Outline
Janina Fisher, PhD
The Body as a Shared Whole: Using Visualization Techniques to Treat Dissociation
Janina Fisher, Ph.D. | Click here for information about Janina Fisher

Learn to reframe dissociative symptoms through visualization and foster attunement. Janina will teach you how to guide your clients from a place of fear to a place of self-acceptance and compassion. You'll get the skills to:

  • Move clients from survival mode to embodied whole
  • Break clients free of lifelong internal conflicts — shame, self-loathing, complicated relationships & more
  • Foster internal attachment to client's most deeply disowned parts of self

Overcoming Suicidality, Addictive and Unsafe Behavior
Janina Fisher, Ph.D. | Click here for information about Janina Fisher

Learn from real client footage with Janina how to understand suicidal ideation as a form of communication from your clients' dissociated parts. Help your clients reduce chronic suicidality and self-destructive impulsivity. Guide your clients to stability and channel their pain into a will to live.

Kathy Steele, MN, CS
Advances in treating trauma-related dissociation
Kathy Steele, MN, CS | Click here for information about Kathy Steele

Overcome the challenges posed by dissociated states in your clients by learning from Kathy how to:

  • Disempower the dance between attachment and defenses
  • Enhance client stability through the therapeutic relationship as a stabilizing factor
  • Break clients free of trauma-related phobias & other factors that maintain dissociation
You'll hone skills to manage singular dissociated parts and a systematic approach to working with the totality of your client's psyche.

Debra Premashakti Alvis, PhD
Trauma Recovery and Resilience: Embodied Practices Incorporating Polyvagal Theory
Debra Alvis, Ph.D. | Click here for information about Debra Premashakti Alvis

An integrative practitioner with more than 25 years of experience, Deb Alvis bridges mindfulness, somatic, neuroscience & psychodynamic approaches to treat trauma and dissociation.

  • Regulate and soothe the traumatized nervous system
  • Rewire the nervous system to respond differently to dissociative triggers
  • Build recovery & resiliency through Smart Vagal Activity
  • Integrate mindfulness-based exercises to foster client embodiment
  • Apply culturally sensitive polyvagal theory to racial trauma

Greg Nooney, MSW, LISW
Trauma-Related Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders: Assessment and Treatment Strategies for Some of the Most Misunderstood Disorders in the DSM
Greg Nooney, MSW, LISW | Click here for information about Greg Nooney

Bringing 35 years of clinical experience and specialized training in treating severely dissociated clients, Greg Nooney brings a highly practical approach to treating dissociative symptoms of trauma and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). In his engaging modules, you'll walk away with honed skills to:

  • Recognize and heal attachment wounds that cause dissociation
  • Implement various assessment tools in session
  • Maximize attunement with dissociated clients
  • Manage your own reactions in session
  • Apply somatic & mindfulness techniques to create stability
  • Nuances to working with clients diagnosed with DID
BONUS — Advance your education on the neuroscience
of attachment related dissociation!
Frank Anderson, MD
Transcending Trauma: Healing Complex PTSD with Internal Family Systems Therapy
by Frank Anderson, MD | Click here for information about Frank Anderson

Get ground-breaking clinical expertise from one of the leaders in Internal Family Systems therapy. Frank breaks down the complex aspects of dissociation and trauma, giving you the simplest path to implementing one of the most effective treatments of all time — especially for clients with dissociative identity disorder or trauma-related dissociative presentations. Don't miss the opportunity to gain life-changing expertise on IFS, the approach clients and therapists alike are demanding!

Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD
Altered States of Consciousness and Dissociation: Toward the Restoration of the Self
Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD | Click here for information about Ruth Lanius

Ruth examines neuroscience, brain-mind-body correlations, and the underlying five dimensions of consciousness (time, thought, body, emotion, and intersubjectivity) to explore a new perspective on healing trauma related to attachment and childhood. Engage with unique clinical case examples that draw on integrative body, brain & mind techniques and walk away with a deepened understanding of what it means to "restore the Self."
Frequently Asked Questions

Symptoms of dissociation vary greatly and can be hard to recognize, for this reason trauma-related dissociation is often underdiagnosed and poorly treated. Dissociation may present with clients being detached from the bodies, feeling like they are seeing life through a window, having near obsessive pursuits in career, athletics or struggling with addiction. And, when untreated chronic dissociation can even become ingrained in our client's personalities, impacting and stunting their identity development.

In this course, you'll gain the assessment, treatment planning and key interventions to help deliver the highest standard of care for your trauma clients.


This course will help any therapist or mental health professional more successfully treat clients experiencing trauma and related problems. From this training you'll take practical and enhanced assessment techniques that can help you stop the revolving door of trauma treatment. You will be able to assess for more challenging and deeply rooted aspects of trauma, especially dissociative symptoms and gain the skills to help these clients put back together a fragmented sense of self and other debilitating impacts of dissociative symptoms.


Immediately! Once you register for this self-paced course, you'll have unlimited access to all the materials — including slides, handouts, worksheets and more!

Treat Complex Dissociation Cases

$883.94 Value
$199.99 TODAY
Earn up to 16.75 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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Presented in EN, subtitles in EN and FR, handouts in EN and FR

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